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"Thoughts of a Bunch of Grapes" a tale by Gianna, 1984

I'm a bunch of grapes. There are so many, you'll say.I agree with you. But they are not all equal... and not just through the variety. "What a beautiful bunch!" people often exclaim."But will it be good too?" they add sometime.

And why, I say, does no one ever think ..."And it will do well?" !! Because "doing well" is not an immediate thing that you can touch by hand; to understand it, it takes patience, spirit of observation, interest in things... and people are always in a hurry and want to satisfy the sight, first of all, then eventually the palate.And I wonder: is it worth treating me so carefully, from when I'm just blossoming to when I grow up, take on colour and mature, letting me grow with so much space, with so much sap at my disposal, taking me by the hand, carefully, so that my beautiful mature, swollen grapes do not break, and bringing me as quickly as possible to pressing, so that I can give the best of me to what will be the wine that will bring joy to your daily meals or your happiest moments, yours occasions to remember? !! It is not for me to judge: I judge what concerns me and you know that joy it is, for me, not to be flooded with products that should "protect me" and that eventually suffocate me, look at my "mother of vines" which is beautiful, lush and strong, that does not have to worry about too many offspring and, above all, be aware that when one of the many children who often come to see us "bunches on the plant" as something unusual will stretch out a little hand to pick a grape or a small cluster, or even the whole bunch, and if he eats it, without washing it, this will only do him good!

Because this is what it means to be grown at Torrazzetta... For me it means not to be just any bunch, one of so many ...It means to be a privileged bunch, and I hope I can share this privilege with people who know how to appreciate it all the way.

Come and visit us!If you can't find me, you will certainly not miss the company: there will be all my brothers and cousins waiting for you in the tranquillity, in the green of pure nature.


A bunch of grapes of Torrazzetta.

Gianna 1984

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Torrazzetta Organic Wines

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Vino Biologico Pavia Oltrepo Pavese Lombardia Nord Italia


Torrazzetta, since 1984, is entirely organic, the 1st Winery in Oltrepò Pavese. Actually, "Organic" is now a bit tight for us, our wines can now be defined as Natural, to guarantee even healthier wines, while safeguarding the territory, the environment and the health of our customers.
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We are a member of the Italian Federation of Independent Vinegrowers, an association that brings together all those small and medium producers who are involved in the production of wine from A (care of the vineyard, cultivation, harvesting) to Z (winemaking and marketing).
Provincia di Pavia IGP Vino Biologico Pavia Oltrepo Pavese Lombardia Nord Italia


We are in the biggest wine region of Lombardy, Oltrepò Pavese, located in the province of Pavia, about one hour south of Milan. All our vineyards are situated in the municipality of Borgo Priolo, one part in Pavarolo, the other in Torrazzetta, where the main body of the farm and the wine-making cellar are located.

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