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  • Vino Biologico Pavia Borgo Priolo Provincia di Pavia, Lombardia
  • Vino Biologico Pavia Borgo Priolo Provincia di Pavia, Lombardia
  • Vino Biologico Pavia Borgo Priolo Provincia di Pavia, Lombardia
  • Vino Biologico Pavia Borgo Priolo Provincia di Pavia, Lombardia
The philosophy

Our Philosophy

In 1984 Torrazzetta was the first wine-making company in Oltrepò Pavese to convert to organic farming, thanks to the foresight of Franco Fiori and his wife Gianna. This decision was taken during a time when this was not yet considered to be a commercial advantage, but was seen by most with distrust, as something strange, hazardous, unnecessary and risky.

This decision was due both to the desire to produce healthier wines while safeguarding the terrain and the health of the consumer, as well as for more personal reasons: the family lived in the heart of the countryside and had small children who spent their days playing in the vineyards and fields!

This passion and commitment has been carried forward over the years, right up to today ...

What does it mean to engage in organic wine production that preserves ancient traditions and the terrain

The cultivation of the vineyards is conducted in the counter-espalier manner with Guyot pruning, with a planting density of about 4,000 vines per hectare. Grassing-over is carried out in order to preserve the life and biodiversity of the vineyard.

We only use organic fertilisers and we prune the vines in the field, so as to return the nutrients to the soil.

Vineyard treatments are conducted using only traditional products such as sulphur and copper.

In addition, the company dedicates itself to the recovery of discarded barrels, reusing them as decorative elements (both in the original state and also by modifying them imaginatively in furniture and furnishings) and the recovery of every-day objects of the early rural farming culture to preserve the memory of times gone by.

For its still wines Torrazzetta exclusively uses stoppers from Nomacorc, the world leader in cork alternatives. This wine stopper is the first in the world to leave no carbon footprint, and is fully biodegradable, allowing a continuous and controlled flow of oxygen. This process allows the wines to develop for many years without any loss of quality.

Designed to be the best wine stopper for sustainable wine producers, the Select Green wine stopper from Nomacorc is completely recyclable and obtained from renewable bio-polymers extracted from sugar cane.

Nomacorc stoppers guarantee that the wine is protected and that the customer's tasting experience lives up to the highest expectations of the winemaker.

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Torrazzetta Organic Wines

Our Values

Vino Biologico Pavia Oltrepo Pavese Lombardia Nord Italia


Torrazzetta, since 1984, is entirely organic, the 1st Winery in Oltrepò Pavese. Actually, "Organic" is now a bit tight for us, our wines can now be defined as Natural, to guarantee even healthier wines, while safeguarding the territory, the environment and the health of our customers.
Produzione Vini biologici soci FIVI oltrepo pavese Pavia borgo priolo


We are a member of the Italian Federation of Independent Vinegrowers, an association that brings together all those small and medium producers who are involved in the production of wine from A (care of the vineyard, cultivation, harvesting) to Z (winemaking and marketing).
Provincia di Pavia IGP Vino Biologico Pavia Oltrepo Pavese Lombardia Nord Italia


We are in the biggest wine region of Lombardy, Oltrepò Pavese, located in the province of Pavia, about one hour south of Milan. All our vineyards are situated in the municipality of Borgo Priolo, one part in Pavarolo, the other in Torrazzetta, where the main body of the farm and the wine-making cellar are located.

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Torrazzetta Vini Borgo Priolo Pavia Oltrepo Pavese Lombardia

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