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  • Vino Biologico Pavia Borgo Priolo Provincia di Pavia, Lombardia
  • Vino Biologico Pavia Borgo Priolo Provincia di Pavia, Lombardia
  • Vino Biologico Pavia Borgo Priolo Provincia di Pavia, Lombardia
  • Vino Biologico Pavia Borgo Priolo Provincia di Pavia, Lombardia
Organic Winery Italy

Our Organic Winery

The Azienda Agricola Torrazzetta cultivates, collects and vinifies only organic grapes of farm production that are crushed within 2/3 hours of harvesting.

Our wine cellar, built in 1934, has been modified since the 1940s to meet production needs and to adapt to the innovations that have been introduced in the wine sector over the years.

During the guided tours, the first masonry basins built in the subsoil are still visible, even if no longer in use, as well as the tanks added gradually over the decades.

Our wine cellar constitutes the heart as well as the fundamental origins of the company:

All production activities are carried out on site, from pressing to refining in steel or barrique until bottling and packaging.

After fermentation, the wines are left to refine on their own fine lees for several months in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks.

The wines destined for aging subsequently refine in French oak barrels of second or third passage (225l) for a period of 12 to 36 months depending upon the type of wine.

We are also one of the few wineries in Oltrepò Pavese to directly carry out all the phases of sparkling wine production: drafting (bottling), refermentation in the bottle, aging on the lees, manual remuage, disgorging, dosing and packaging.

Every 12 months all bottles of sparkling wine are stirred and reconnected in order to encourage the further mixing of the yeasts and improve their refinement.

Every year only the best of the production is destined to be bottled for a total of 25.000 / 30.000 bottles depending on the vintage.

Next to the winery is the "Cellar of the Pilgrim”, a place obtained from an area of the old production cellar that is no longer in use. Here you can admire the old masonry basins that make up the walls, expertly restored to bring them back to their ancient splendor. Here you will find furniture crafted from the staves of old and abandoned barrels, to give them new life. Here you will be able to directly purchase our farm products, or simply stop for a tasting, enjoying our wines by the warmth of the fireplace.

Torrazzetta can supply its products with labels and customized packaging for events and weddings. Please contact us to receive personalized quotes.

The company ships its products throughout all Italy as well as internationally.

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Torrazzetta Organic Wines

Our Values

Vino Biologico Pavia Oltrepo Pavese Lombardia Nord Italia


Torrazzetta, since 1984, is entirely organic, the 1st Winery in Oltrepò Pavese. Actually, "Organic" is now a bit tight for us, our wines can now be defined as Natural, to guarantee even healthier wines, while safeguarding the territory, the environment and the health of our customers.
Produzione Vini biologici soci FIVI oltrepo pavese Pavia borgo priolo


We are a member of the Italian Federation of Independent Vinegrowers, an association that brings together all those small and medium producers who are involved in the production of wine from A (care of the vineyard, cultivation, harvesting) to Z (winemaking and marketing).
Provincia di Pavia IGP Vino Biologico Pavia Oltrepo Pavese Lombardia Nord Italia


We are in the biggest wine region of Lombardy, Oltrepò Pavese, located in the province of Pavia, about one hour south of Milan. All our vineyards are situated in the municipality of Borgo Priolo, one part in Pavarolo, the other in Torrazzetta, where the main body of the farm and the wine-making cellar are located.

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Torrazzetta Vini Borgo Priolo Pavia Oltrepo Pavese Lombardia

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