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The Family

Our Family

Since 1984, when Franco Fiori inherited the family farm from his father, turning it into the first organic Winery of Oltrepo Pavese, in a time where "organic" was an unknown concept and considered by many to be a folly, much has been done to improve the quality of the wines, thanks to the continuous efforts of the Fiori family members, as well as their assistants who have supported us and still work with us.

Our family, ready to welcome you, consists of:

Franco Fiori: Son of Carlo Fiori, owner of the Torrazzetta farm since the early twentieth century, from which he inherited it. Graduated in Construction Engineering at Milan Polytechnic, when he inherited the farm from his father at the beginning of the 80's, he decides to devote himself to it and to work in the fields, as well as to the ever-growing care in wine production, the preservation of the land and the local production.Following this philosophy of respect for the environment in 1984 he decides to completely convert the farm into Organic production, becoming the pioneer in Oltrepo Pavese.

Gianna Gandini: Franco Fiori's wife, after a career as a maths teacher in high schools, dedicates herself with her husband to the ambitious project of transforming the family business into Organic production, as well as to safeguard the territory, also for greater security for the their 3 children, who at the time played in the vineyards.Heart and soul of Torrazzetta, she deals mainly with relationships with customers and companies.

The latest Generation ( ...for the moment):

Paolo Fiori: First child of Franco and Gianna, passionate right from childhood about the countryside, the vineyard and the vintage.He is currently working in the kitchen of the agri-tourism restaurant, using ingredients from the organic garden of the farm, to go with with the Torrazzetta wines.

Sergio Fiori: Second-born of the family.He is dedicated to the management of the company and is particularly responsible for the Vineyard, the Winery and the Organic garden, together with his father.

Giulia Fiori: Graduated in industrial design at Milan Polytechnic, she helps to run the family business.Especially the agri-tourism services, contacts with clients and the development of marketing and communication.

Special thanks to all those who, from top to bottom, by working with us, or by coming to see us, helped us grow, becoming part of our family and our company, helping to make Torrazzetta a point of reference in the area.

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Torrazzetta Organic Wines

Our Values

Vino Biologico Pavia Oltrepo Pavese Lombardia Nord Italia


Torrazzetta, since 1984, is entirely organic, the 1st Winery in Oltrepò Pavese. Actually, "Organic" is now a bit tight for us, our wines can now be defined as Natural, to guarantee even healthier wines, while safeguarding the territory, the environment and the health of our customers.
Produzione Vini biologici soci FIVI oltrepo pavese Pavia borgo priolo


We are a member of the Italian Federation of Independent Vinegrowers, an association that brings together all those small and medium producers who are involved in the production of wine from A (care of the vineyard, cultivation, harvesting) to Z (winemaking and marketing).
Provincia di Pavia IGP Vino Biologico Pavia Oltrepo Pavese Lombardia Nord Italia


We are in the biggest wine region of Lombardy, Oltrepò Pavese, located in the province of Pavia, about one hour south of Milan. All our vineyards are situated in the municipality of Borgo Priolo, one part in Pavarolo, the other in Torrazzetta, where the main body of the farm and the wine-making cellar are located.

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